THE World University Rankings 2023 announced

Times Higher Education (THE), which ranks universities according to the criteria of teaching quality, research, publications and citations, industry income and international visibility, made its 2023 ranking with 2019-2020 academic year data. Hacettepe University was in the 601-800 range, as it was last year.

n the 2023 performance summary of our university, which has increased its overall score to 34-39.2 and is in the range of 601-800, its strength is the industry income criterion (89.1 points), where it ranks 76th, and its weakness is its international outlook criterion, especially measured by the number of international students and faculty members. On the other hand, the internationalization score of our University increased compared to the previous year (from 24.3 to 25.7 points).

The changes in the main indicators and the world ranking for our university compared to the previous year are as follows:

•    Teaching: 8 percent increase, ranked 563rd globally.
•    Research: 93 percent increase, ranked 518th globally.
•    Citations: 15 percent decrease, ranked 817th globally.
•    Industry Income: 240 percent increase, ranked 76th globally.
•    International Outlook: 6 percent increase, ranked 1435th globally.

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