URAP Announced 2021-2022 World Universities Field Rankings: Hacettepe University succeeded in ranking in the world in 22 fields

The 2020-2021 URAP world field ranking included 62 science fields. This year, the number of science fields was increased to 78 and universities were evaluated based on the academic performance of the last 5 years, taking into account the articles and citations produced according to the fields of science. As a result of this change, 1,752 universities from 90 different countries were included in the evaluation in URAP's 2020-2021 field ranking, while 2,514 universities from 113 countries were included in at least one field ranking in the 2021-2022 ranking. The number of universities included in the rankings across Turkey was 31 last year and 83 in 2021-2022. Hacettepe University has also increased the number of fields it is listed, which was 13 last year, to 22 this year.

URAP World Field Ranking In 2021-2022, ITU ranked in the world lists in 28 fields of science, METU and Hacettepe University in 22 fields of science, and Istanbul University in 19 fields of science. The fields with the highest number of Turkish universities were medicine and health sciences and engineering.

Hacettepe University placed 135th in Pediatrics and 137th in Dentistry and entered the "World's Top 150 Universities" list, and achieved great success as the Turkish university with the best grade in these fields. 

For more details: https://gazete.hacettepe.edu.tr/en/news_detail/urap_announces_20212022_world_universities_field_rankings-11