Our Mission & Vision

The Mission & Vision of the Coordinatorship of Foreign Affairs;

  • to ensure our university’s place among the top leading, respected and prestigious 100 universities of the world,
  • to unite Hacettepe University with the world,
  • to develop the most comprehensive scientific, technoglocial and educational partnerships possible by increasing the visibility of our university in the widest geography it can reach,
  • to reach a universal standard of education, service and research and spread our production in these areas to the world,
  • to research which paths can be taken to achieve the aforementioned goals,
  • to provide the necessary international relations.

General Coordinatorship of Foreign Affairs primarly;

  • maintains all relations in line with the mentioned national and international goals,
  • coordinates the internationalization process,
  • ensures teamwork among all relevant university departments,
  • provides the necessary integrity, strategic unity and coordination,
  • forms and develops collaborations. All these constitute the primary and basic objectives of the General Coordination of Foreign Affairs.